This is my online space for sharing my beliefs in "Healthfully Decadent" living. I would like to share some of my successes with the healthfully decadent cooking style. My cooking inspiration comes from two of the wisest women in my life, my mother and mother-in-law who taught me to cook not only food that is good, but also good for you. Apart from food ideas that are both "good" and "good for you", you will also find some creative inspirations from my precocious kids:))

Please feel free to share your ideas here.

You can contact me @ msfun98(at)gmail(dot)com with queries/feedback/recipe requests on this blog. I would also appreciate any constructive feedback for improvement of my online space.

Disclaimer: This blogger does not claim, in any way to be an expert on diet, health and/or fitness. This is a forum for sharing effective ideas.

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