Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Follow-up to Musings on Technorati Claim Procedure

So I thought my previous post would be my one and only post on Technorati but I guess I am not the only one to whom all  this is unknown and intriguing.

So here goes, everything I know about Technorati:

Technorati is a search engine that offers a listing of top 100 - ranked blogs. It offers every blogger an opportunity to create an account on the technorati website and join their blog directory.

Since they have a very comprehensive directory, it apparently helps to sign up for the free account on their homepage. Also, once your blog is on their directory, it becomes possible for your blog to come up on searches in their search engine. Then your blog shows up with your relative ranking as compared to the rest in that category.

First, you create your free profile which is just a short process of creating a username and password for yourself. Then you receive an email from Technorati asking you to verify your email address and confirming that your profile has been created. Once you login to your new account, you get a chance to enter your blog's name and url on the account in the spaces provided. Then, you also click a button to start "claiming" your blog - which means that their search engine needs to confirm you are the actual owner of the blog you are claiming. Then, you again get an email with your unique claim code and you do what I did in the previous post, that is, you paste that unique claim code in a blog post.

Then, after you have done that, you get yet another email to say that their search engine has successfully crawled your blog and found your claim code. All the process uptil here can take place in a day, because the emails from technorati are auto-generated. This is the part of the process I am at, right now. But I understand from other bloggers that it takes a few weeks after this step for your blog to start  actually showing up in their searches.

Hope all this makes sense to my readers and more than that, hope this is useful!!!

You can also check Wikipedia's page on Technorati for additional information.

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