Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Indulgence - Chocolatey Goodness with a difference!!

I love chocolate desserts as my blog posts should show...most of my desserts have chocolate in some shape or form in them...but recently, with the move to eating healthy, I am trying to find healthful ingredients in all my chocolate desserts.

So I was intrigued when I came upon this recipe for Chocolate Mousse in a fitness magazine which had no cream or half and half or anything else that is fattening in it! The main ingredient was....tofu!!! For a long time, I did not make this one because I was not sure if the texture of the mousse would be well...anything like mousse, with just tofu in it. When I tried it finally, for the first time - I found that it was actually very had a creaminess to it that was very surprising for tofu. But to make it even better(well...perfection is good, right?!) I added bananas the next time and Voila...I get one awesome recipe for chocolate mousse! I served it for a weekend dinner(last weekend) with some friends and everybody wondered how much cream I had used...boy, were they surprised when they found it was tofu...

So, here goes with the recipe...hope you like it as much as my family and friends did!

Recipe for Chocolate Mousse with a difference:
Serves: 8
Prep/cook time: 10 minutes

Super-Firm Tofu - 1 pack cut into small pieces(may also go by the name extra-firm tofu)
Semi-sweet chocolate chips - 1/2 cup
Unsweetened dark cocoa powder - 1 1/2 tsp(I used Ghirardelli)
Banana - 1 sliced thinly
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Sugar - 2 tsp(optional for extra sweetness)
Low-fat milk - 2 tsp

Blend the tofu until it turns silken-smooth...this is very important in order to achieve the soft consistency of mousse...not blending enough will give it a gritty consistency. This step takes a few minutes.

Then, add all the other ingredients and blend until well-incorporated and thoroughly smooth. At this point, the mousse will have a very thick consistency.

Pour the mousse into serving cups or ramekins and cover each serving up with plastic wrap so that the top layer of the mousse remains smooth.

Chill overnight in the refrigerator and serve cold, if possible for best taste.

Garnishes could be cherries, candied fruit, chopped nuts, grated dark chocolate/white chocolate, toffee bits...for the kids, you could even serve with a beautiful topping of whipped cream(that always gets an awesome reaction from them)


  1. You have a beautiful space with interesting recipes. Loved the choc mousse and the pic is tempting. Following u to enjoy ur recipes instantly :):)


  2. A..HA! Once we ate light as a cloud chocolate mousse in a buffet, my kids had three servings. I love how yours is so healthy- My kids will love it.Thanks, I think this is it.

  3. tofu used in mousse sounds very interesting...even i love chocolates..and this is one of my fav anytime...

  4. mousse with tofu very interesting and sounds great...

  5. A haaa...what a chocolates...should try this soon since its eggless..

  6. Perfect for kids dear.

  7. Thanks to all blogger pals!!! Love the compliments...I dont think you will be dispoointed with the recipe...just make sure to use extra-firm tofu and blend till it is silky smooth!!!

  8. This is a fantastic twist to the traditional mousse. I will have to it!

  9. Always welcome healthy dessets.... looks so tempting!! Happy holi..

  10. Chocolate mousse with tofu! I love it :) looks so rich and creamy@

  11. I love chocolate mousse! I've never heard of using tofu but sounds very interesting!!

  12. Anything with chocolate and I'm all game...your recipe sounds really interesting..have never had choco mousse with tofu in it! Must give it a try!

  13. Welcome to my space, Ms.Chitchat and Fresh Local Best

  14. Truly delectable Meena, adding banan would have give more taste to this mousse..yummyy!!

  15. Lovely healthy mousse.Very innovative.

  16. Tofu in mousse sounds great...Was searching for a good recipe without eggs ..Thanks Meena !

  17. Thanks Meena for the lovely words..I'm eagerly waiting to see your post them soon..

  18. Sounds interesting!Thanks for the egg less recipe

  19. First time here....

    Chocolate mousse looks very tempting!!!!
    Will soon give a try :-)

  20. Chocolate & tofu..sound interesting..:)

  21. Mousse with tofu sounds really different.....
    came here for first time.. you have a wonderful collection of recipe... do check out my blog

  22. Tofu in Mousse mmm thats interesting!!! Looks very creamy and yummy!!!

  23. Never thought of trying tofu in mousse.Nice idea!!!

  24. Hi friends, good to see that you all loved this healthy yet delish dessert!


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