Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My mantra - Healthful Decadence!!!

When I needed to start shedding my post-pregnancy pounds, after my son was born, I realised I had to bring some momentous changes to our lifestyle. That, coupled with my husband's foray into running marathons, gave shape to my new mantra of "Healthful Decadence".

What started out as a change in our eating habits, has now taken deep roots in our day-to-day life and in many ways, looks like something I intend to follow for as long as possible.

Here is my post in Blogher.com as a comment on the post - "What is your eating style" by Contributing Editor Catherine Morgan :http://www.blogher.com/what-your-eating-style-do-you-follow-one-popular-diet-plans
My mantra is "Healthful Decadence" and it is working very well alongwith an exercise plan of 5 days a week / 45 mins. a day routine... alternating between aerobic and an-aerobic workouts.

I have lost 9 pounds in the last 9 months and for me that was a big deal...though it is not much in absolute terms. And, my husband actually lost more weight than me!!

Healthfully Decadent - meaning I have substituted whole grain for all the white and refined carbs in our family's diet...we have also virtually eliminated readymade and fast foods from our diet...of course, we continue to indulge in the occasional restaurant fare.

Mainly, I am trying to inject more flavor in place of fat, excessive sodium and refined carbs thru the use of whole spices, heart-healthy cooking oils, more varieties of colorful fruits and veggies and other natural flavor enhancers...being that our diet is predominantly Asian Indian, the use of spices, of course fits in easily. Coupled with the growing publication of the health benefits of various spices like cinnamon, cummin, ginger and turmeric it seems like a win-win situation!!!

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  1. Hello Meena, its good getting to know you. That's a cool mantra you have. Nice knowing your exercise and diet regime. I can only know too well how much one puts on weight after delivery! I have been planning to write on that..it gets delayed..

    anyway like your enthusiasm, I see the logo up already..welcome to the group!


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