Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Continuation to the theme Best of Both Worlds!

All thru my life, I have always tried to get the best of both worlds...both modern and traditional...when it comes to food...it is the same...I always try to combine the Healthy with the Decadent wherever possible.

In that same vein, my recipe for Thiruvathirai Kali now has broken wheat in place of the traditional rice flour...will post the recipe soon...everyone loved it even my toddler, who like most toddlers is a fussy eater!!!


  1. I have also changed my diet to healthy eating.Although, I tend to cook traditional festival food with traditional ingredients to keep the flavor the same as I remember from my childhood.It is on these occasions that we indulge.It is great though that you are paving a healthy lifestyle path for your children.They will grow up remember these flavors and don't have to change a thing.

  2. Please share the recipe. Maybe hope to taste some yummies too when we come in person.


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