Thursday, January 28, 2010

Small Wonders - Poems from my 9 year old daughter

One favorite way(that I have already mentioned a million times in my young blog...I know :)) I have of getting the best of both worlds is to cook foods that are not just goooood, but also are good for you!

Another way of achieving the best of both worlds(my pet theme in life) is to keep the kids gainfully occupied in three or four gainful interests of their own choice so they are being productive (which makes me feel fulfilled and quite the happy mom!)and then I dont have to hear the constant refrain of  "Amma...I am bored".My 9 year old daughter is very sure of her few interests. My toddler son on the other hand of course, finds too many things that interest him around the house. But that is the topic for another day.

Going back  to my daughter, she is as precocious as most other 9 year olds these of her favorite pastimes is to write poems...right now, she is going thru this phase where she asks us to pick any topic under the sun and she says, she can come up with a poem for that!!!

Now, here is a rhyme (that I obviously like) that she came up with specially for my blog, when she knew that I recently created one:

The title is: My Favorite Food

My favorite food is the kind my mother makes,
Whether she cooks, fries, or puts something in the oven to bake.
I think homemade is better than store-bought,
And at my house you will like it a lot.

Another one that I think is quite cute goes like this:

The title is: Season signs

A summer's day is like winter's paradise,
A winter's night is like night-time ice.
Together you can sniff ,
That they are opposites like jumping off a cliff,
Or falling into a pit.

Spring is not something that an animal would be grieving,
Because the animals' babies are born,
Fall is when the leaves are leaving,
When the leaves start getting worn.

I wonder if I have a major talent  under my roof here???


  1. Your daughter is talented.Congrats!Those are beautiful poems.I have a nine year old son and a six year old son,I hope to get them interested in poetry.Will show them your daughter's poem for sure.

  2. Thanks! She definitely seems to love writing poems.

  3. You should get this into some contest at school or online
    we have one at l's school.


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